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Favorite Artist Find: Adam Fielding

So lately, I've been feeling very inspired, mostly in the enamor ambient waves of soundscapes combined with genre bending notes reminiscent of those when I was younger and in search of that magical place that only an amazing sound can evoke in us.
For years, I've dabbled in genres, finding love in every kind and learning from every one of them. More recently, I'm going back to my roots of electronic soundscapes that tend to captivate my interest and leaves me wanting more.
Anyone who knows me, knows that a long with a deep love for music, I also have a deep love for technology and anything that pertains to it. I went back to using Ubuntu Mate because I've wanted to revisit my good parts from when I was just 22 on my laptop; installing different systems to toy with them. 
One of the great things about Linux systems is that most of them come with Rhythmbox installed by default - a powerhouse for music discovery. Additions of plugins and services that I never even knew o…

If I were a model in the 80s...

Cool for the Summer