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Karaoke: I Want To Know What Love Is (Originally by Foreigner) by bmikal

Karaoke: Kiss The Rain (Originally by Billie Myers) - by bmikal

Introducing a new member to the family: Delilah 😙


Favorite Artist Find: Adam Fielding

So lately, I've been feeling very inspired, mostly in the enamor ambient waves of soundscapes combined with genre bending notes reminiscent of those when I was younger and in search of that magical place that only an amazing sound can evoke in us.
For years, I've dabbled in genres, finding love in every kind and learning from every one of them. More recently, I'm going back to my roots of electronic soundscapes that tend to captivate my interest and leaves me wanting more.
Anyone who knows me, knows that a long with a deep love for music, I also have a deep love for technology and anything that pertains to it. I went back to using Ubuntu Mate because I've wanted to revisit my good parts from when I was just 22 on my laptop; installing different systems to toy with them. 
One of the great things about Linux systems is that most of them come with Rhythmbox installed by default - a powerhouse for music discovery. Additions of plugins and services that I never even knew o…

If I were a model in the 80s...

Cool for the Summer

It was a hell of a day...6/5/18

Just one day ago, we had a terrible fire break out in one of the apartments in the corner end of the upper side of my building, leaving 8 people homeless. A terrible time here in our little community.I can't help but feel weird when I walk outside to see the overhead lights we normally had before this happened no longer beaming over our walkways...all that's left is silence and darkness which is far more haunting than just no one living here at all. A grim reminder of what took place just a day ago.
Here are some of the shots I got from the day it happened: 6/5/2018

Accoridng to local officials and media outlets, the investigation deemed this fire to be a cooking incident gone wrong. What I don't seem to understand however is that they arrested a guy living here who made a threat to burn down our building just 4 days before this happened. There seems to be more to this story but for now, we must move on. Luckily, no one was hurt but this is a reminder to all of us; put safet…

Purple Rain by bmikal + Alexa (Originally by Prince)

If I Were A Boy by Star JW + bmikal (Originally by Beyonce)

I usually sound better but I was sick. Still, I had fun doing a different style.

Ain't No Sunshine (bmikal's version)

Behind Blue Eyes (Guitar/Harp Version) by TLAB + bmikal (Originally by Limp Bizkit)

Ironically, I have blue eyes and I have felt every lyric of this song for years.

#Leo #HeartFeltConfessional #KaraokeFavorites

Creep (Jazz Version) by Tina MC + bmikal (Originally by Radiohead)

Drowned World/Substitute for Love by bmikal and FlyEagle_1981 (Originally by Madonna)

It's been awhile...

The last time I posted a personal post on here, depression begat me and I was on the verge of losing all hope in humanity.

These days, things are much different. We recently were given a great new dress code at work where we can wear anything we would like, I just adopted a lovely little kitten, and more recently; I've made my first truly independent purchase since living in this small apartment I call home.

It's been 1 year and 2 months since I moved into this apartment. Can you believe it? I've lived here officially for an entire year now and I still love it. Living on my own has taught me a lot and helped me to truly appreciate the beauty in independent freedom that can't come from your parents or from a boyfriend.

First, let me introduce my newest little member to my home. Meet my precious little kitten; Samson. A feisty redhead with an infinity for clawing EVERYTHING. I love him dearly though.

He loves to play, and at a mere 10 weeks old; he's quite a little w…

Fix You [Acoustic] by B. Mikal + Isaiah Wadsworth (Originally by Coldplay)

Enjoy the Silence (Originally by Depeche Mode) by bmikal + eckrymenz

Dedicated to Yellow

90s Throwback - Is This Real?


Shadows - Little Boots

By far my most played track lately <3

Morning (Originally by Beck) by bmikal


I don't post much about my life on here anymore. It's been a hell of a year. I've been faced with legal drama, losing almost all of my friends, the loss of my boyfriend, and an opportunity that was stolen from me.

I've endured a lot in my life that has shaped me into a strong person but lately, the strength I used to have is narrowing down and I'm losing my hope in people.

Back in June last year, I did a selfless act of providing a place to live for a friend (whom is no longer a friend of mine) because they were about to be homeless and I felt that I couldn't in good conscious allow them to suffer such a fate.

Over the course of 6 months; I lost almost every friend I had, opportunities to fall in love were taken from me and rules were broken without any justification as to why. I guess some people would rather sleep with the entire town in my home when I'm at work than be a decent human being and live their life with more substance.

More recently, my best f…

Human Nature by B. + Prepa

Let It All Go by B. + Robson

Wicked Game by B. + Malandra

Take Me Away [Originally by Avril Lavigne] by B. + Random UK Dude

How Does It Feel? [Originally by Avril Lavigne] by B. + Random UK Dude

Hurt [Originally by Johnny Cash/NIN]

Cover Me (Piano Version) by B. [Originally by Depeche Mode]