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Favorite Artist Find: Adam Fielding

If I were a model in the 80s...

It was a hell of a day...6/5/18

Purple Rain by bmikal + Alexa (Originally by Prince)

If I Were A Boy by Star JW + bmikal (Originally by Beyonce)

Ain't No Sunshine (bmikal's version)

Behind Blue Eyes (Guitar/Harp Version) by TLAB + bmikal (Originally by Limp Bizkit)

Creep (Jazz Version) by Tina MC + bmikal (Originally by Radiohead)

Drowned World/Substitute for Love by bmikal and FlyEagle_1981 (Originally by Madonna)

It's been awhile...

Fix You [Acoustic] by B. Mikal + Isaiah Wadsworth (Originally by Coldplay)

Enjoy the Silence (Originally by Depeche Mode) by bmikal + eckrymenz

90s Throwback - Is This Real?

Shadows - Little Boots

Morning (Originally by Beck) by bmikal


Human Nature by B. + Prepa

Let It All Go by B. + Robson

Wicked Game by B. + Malandra

Take Me Away [Originally by Avril Lavigne] by B. + Random UK Dude

How Does It Feel? [Originally by Avril Lavigne] by B. + Random UK Dude

Hurt [Originally by Johnny Cash/NIN]

Cover Me (Piano Version) by B. [Originally by Depeche Mode]