Dear God

I know we've reconnected recently and I feel thankful for all you've done; this past week was rough and you've managed to give me a major blessing I've needed for quite some time.

I'm writing you this morning with a wounded heart. I need your guidance and your peace within because I can't take this overwhelming pain that is trying to dismantle all I've worked hard to build through you.

It's sad to wake up and no longer see those sweet messages of love from someone you care about. I've spent my whole life searching for truth and the devil has taken me down numerous times with hatred blinded by the guise of love on a manipulative deception that I could never understand nor get over.

God, I need your healing because I'm still bitter and sad within. I don't know how to get through this without you. Man has always burnt me; no matter how much I tried to show that I care about people; it always ended in me alone and crying.

This year has been good so far, and I don't want this man to have power over my heart. My heart belongs to you; my spirit needs to be nurtured through your grace. I can't do this without you.

There are times when I wake up and wonder what it would be like had things went differently in my life. I try not to regret anything but I think back on it and it still hurts. Every time someone pushes me away; it's like I am reliving the pain that was put upon me a year or so ago.

No one ever said that it would be easy and I know that what you allow isn't more than we can handle but I'm asking for you to take this. This is too much for me to bare. I don't want to spend my entire life sad, upset, and hungry for love and care. I could never understand how people can turn so dark and so cold, so quickly.

You're my only hope. You're all I have left.


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