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Nothing can compare to the feeling I've felt
So much empty and overwhelmed

You think I'm dumb and I don't know what you say
Behind my back it's a different page

Smile at me from across the balcony
While you're informing my demise

Why can't you just be honest?
Why all these little lies?

You are a liar
I should of known
Can't be trusted
I'm letting you go

Of all these men that break my heart
You could of changed my mind
But this is an unending fight

But you are a liar
You don't even try
No apologies
It's time for goodbye
It's time for goodbye

If don't want to be friends, then let's just end it
No fights or arguments

It makes me sick how I spent time around people
People that won't ever understand the pain

People will use you and break you down
Nothing to do, nothing to say now

I'm still beautiful, I need to reach out
Oh God, I'm burning out

You are a liar
I should of known
Can't be trusted
I'm letting you go

Of al…

Dear God

I know we've reconnected recently and I feel thankful for all you've done; this past week was rough and you've managed to give me a major blessing I've needed for quite some time.

I'm writing you this morning with a wounded heart. I need your guidance and your peace within because I can't take this overwhelming pain that is trying to dismantle all I've worked hard to build through you.

It's sad to wake up and no longer see those sweet messages of love from someone you care about. I've spent my whole life searching for truth and the devil has taken me down numerous times with hatred blinded by the guise of love on a manipulative deception that I could never understand nor get over.

God, I need your healing because I'm still bitter and sad within. I don't know how to get through this without you. Man has always burnt me; no matter how much I tried to show that I care about people; it always ended in me alone and crying.

This year has been good…


I was broken and so low
My mind was stuck on no
I never had the chance
To heal this heart

All I heard was wait
Don't get consumed by hate
God can you give me a sign
I'm running out of time

All I know is that they will let you down
Drag your name through the ground
Make you feel worthless, defeated
My God I know I've got a reason

So I pick myself back up
Smile when it gets tough
I know now, I am strong enough
Through your love my heart will not be cut
My God you are enough
You are enough

In the end, all the hurt that came to me
Like fire from the sky, the sun is shining
My God still loves me for who I am
No man can understand

Cause I will carry you in the dark
I will sing of your heart
I will scream out your name
Now that I know who you are

(Instrumental Interval)

Struggling to pay my rent
The car is broken down again
People are talking about me to all their friends

I was late for work today
Served up some papers that said to go separate ways
Looked for a reason to smile,…


Can't sleep

No reason
For breathing

They stolen
I'm hopeless

Come find me
Give me breath

I'm searching
I'm desperate

Oh God I need you
My wounds won't heal
I feel unreal
Come take me over

Can't dream
Can't speak

Feeling of torment
Inside of me

Longing for

So tired
Of repeating

Oh God I need you
My wounds won't heal
I feel unreal
Come take me over

Fill me within
Your peace and obedience

I've lost myself
Come bring me to life
Help me to breathe again

Oh God I need you
My wounds won't heal
I feel unreal
Come take me over

(Repeat X2)

My wounds won't heal
Come take me over

Manipulation (Earth)

You're the equivalent to a sociopath filled with hate
You do things in the wrong way, play victim to my face
I'm burning bridges that never started cause I knew you'd play

Expecting everyone to fall to your words, so you can hide who you are
Act like I don't know but I knew all along
Hiding behind 30 years of shame but we knew that you weren't strong
No regrets on what was said, should of said it all along

Still they try so hard
Knock you down and it hurts
But my light still burns
Brightly, brightly

You will never learn
Go ahead and manipulate

It's all you know anyway

I saw the messages written on the screen
Nothing taking it back but my anger still lingering
There's nothing you can do to dispute it
But you'd still choose it

Pray to God, need some guidance, cause I feel insane
Like I lost myself and I'll never be the same
Had me going against myself and my friends
You are the enemy

I couldn't breathe

Now no one can bother trusting you
You liv…