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I love my new BF

Surprises are lovely. I was blessed with two nice high end products that I've been wanting for some time. Spoiler: They are both amazing!?!! :)


It gets harder with every breath
The silence pierces my mind

What was I thinking and who was I?
Too many choices passing by

I'm getting older
I'm trying hard not to get colder

But this life I'm sinking in
Takes a hold of my bitterness

I'm trying to breathe
I'm trying so much to believe

Is there anything
Anything left inside of me

I needed you there in the darkness
You left me like the sunlight
Now my heart is departed
My luck has been burnt out inside

If you ever find me
I hope that you find it there
That piece of you that was broken
See how much I really cared
Even when you didn't want to be there

Voices in my sleep
Telling me softly
Don't let fools endanger dreams

If your words are your armor
Why does it feel so weak?

That's all you had then
It's all I'll ever keep

If we could go back and make things right
Would it matter that I was left broken inside?

While you were stacking your credibility
On degrees and cash with men from TV

And all I want…


It was misery when I met you
Words kept creeping in
Anger was my bitter sin

Young heart still wrestling
Wishing and dreaming
It's a wonder we're still breathing

All of our faults
Reminders of your mistakes
A taste of the bitter pain

You got to lose
If you will ever get on
Oh you, you got to choose
If you will ever find love

Your lies made me an angel
This still gleaming like things you did

I'm still not over
Ready to tear apart your skin

Yet sometimes I wish I could change
Give myself another chance to break

If we are ghosts in our own honor
Won't you just stay in me

You got to lose
If you will ever get on
Oh you, you got to choose
If you will ever find love

Find love
Find love

You got to let love in

Find love
Find love

Oh you, you stole from me
Oh you, you stole my shame

Find love
Find love

Oh you, you gave me nothing
Oh you, you gave me something

When I met you, it was misery and then we made it the sun
But like all good things, eventually it burns out, you're le…