FIRST LOOK: New Apartment (Move In Date: March 1st, 2017)

So as many of my friends know, I've been on a long long journey since last year, working hard to garner what sanity I had left in me after dealing with a lot of stressing situations but I'm finally making strides in ways I never thought would happen.

I've always been an independent person and I've prided myself on that trait but this year has also been about coming together and resolution in not only those who have helped me but those I hold close to my heart. I couldn't of done any of this without you and I want to extend my thanks to all of those who have helped me get to this point in my life. Proof is all you need when it comes to knowing that I'm doing just fine without the hate.

You're probably wondering at this point what my apartment looks like so far, and I am quite excited to share an exclusive look at where I call home. It's my first truly (to myself) apartment. No roommates; no b.s.

Pictures of my home conclude:

Brick walls take me

Living room

Entrance to the kitchen

Inside the kitchen 
Stove, refrigerator, etc

Entrance to the bedroom


Entrance to the bathroom


Bathroom setup

Bathroom selfie (#iPhoneLife)


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