July 17, 2016

Amazing Vacation So Far...

So today, I've arrived here in the beautiful city of Myrtle Beach, SC which is two hours away from where I live now.

The first thing you notice the most when you get here are the lavish buildings, lots of condos and beach houses, million dollar mansions are plenty and the extravagant assortment of activities to do.

Tomorrow evening, we are going to a medieval times dinner and show (most of the family) and we look forward to exploring other famous, fun, attractions nearby.

Our room is basically a condo suite and we have a full view of the pier and ocean. Our resort has two towers and its own restaurant and bar. We have an amazing balcony view too, from which we can view almost all of the city, the ocean, the pier, the other tower, the lazy river pool and all of the other amenities available to us.

We got an amazingly good deal on our room stay. It comes with all of the amenities as well. You get fully furnished condo suites, with dishes, kitchen appliances like a blender, toaster, and a coffee machine, a full fridge and stove, and we have a full living room. It also has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. This is a dream condo suite for us and a comfortable stay comparing to a chain hotel.

Anyways, here are some pictures to give an idea as to how beautiful it is here. I'm just saying, I am in love with big beach cities :)

July 16, 2016

Tomorrow (July 17th)

I am so excited.

I will get to visit Myrtle Beach, SC. A lovely travel destination hailed by people from all over the world and its only 2 hours from where I live now!

I'm going to get the luxury of spending my time at the Prince Resorts in Northern Myrtle Beach and my family and I are attending a lovely medieval show that has rave reviews from people.

I look forward to letting go and enjoying some nice luxurious comforts for a change.

Thank you God for this amazing blessing! :)

July 13, 2016

With all this racism everywhere...

I want you all to know that I love you. 

Regardless of gender, race, where you live, where you were born, what religion you practice, how you dress, what job you work, amount of money you make, who you are voting for, what you have done in the past, etc.

The list could go on and on and on. 

Love is more powerful than hate.