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Fuck You Erika (Lyrics)

Its been an awful year
Its been silence on the verge of fear
So many faces you rip through
Feelings collapse on guilty fingertips to give you use

You give your body like magazines and meth labs
You share the sins you never could keep, so you can take them back

Kiss the boys to validate your lows and your cheapest ways
Sleep around maybe then you'll glow or eventually fade

Run your mouth all you want
Words are mirrors to the things you've done
You say it's my loss but I never had anything at all
You're just a shitty kid with no brain
You're just trying to get more attention to play

You validate by being cruel
Cold heart and a victim to friends you use
You're a snake trying to be an angel
You're repeating yourself

You lie to faces to get what you want
Only caring about your selfish needs on the run
Only being the stubborn nineteen and sleaze

Maybe if I wrote a letter
Called you a whore or make you feel better
It never meant shit to you
You want what all the p…

R.I.P Marshmallow 😢

Upon arriving home tonight. Our beloved Marshmallow was found dead on the roadway by our house. 

I'm numb. I can't seem to contain the tears for too long and our new cat just doesn't compare. 

She was only a kitten :(

Why does this year have to suck so much? Things were finally going better....

What Do I Spy?

Oh, just another cat. Marshmallow decided to run away but in comes a gorgeous gray cat. We still haven't named her. Ideas?


Why does this guy look like an older version of what my ex would of looked like if he was honest about his looks??
#Creepy #OnlyOnGrindr #GayDating

All around

Things are looking up. We settled into our current apartment and we don't have to move anymore. I'm also added to the lease now, so I have say so on the apartment.

We recently acquired a lovely cat. We named her Marshmallow and she's an adorable Siamese.

Work is still work but at least this weekend, I have off; a sadistically rare occasion.

Anywho, here are pictures of our newest member to our little family; complete with a picture of my roommate; since people gawk at him like he's a model or something 😂

Erik; my AWESOME roommate: