Walking Stones

I let it go
Sucks but I know
Some stories are meant for me alone

Skies above me
Something I trusted long ago

Didn't think that I'd feel
Didn't think this would become real

All the words that were spoken
Moments I lost along the way

Now my eyes are open
I know what not to do

Giving my heart to strangers
Forgetting my youth

Didn't know I'd find it
Didn't know I'd feel blinded

Now it all makes sense
Why I'm left with my friends

Couldn't get easier
Breathing without the worst

Sometimes life becomes helpless
You have to make it work

Now my eyes are open
I know not to love too much

My mind is focused
A world I know I'll find

I don't have the time
For all these slandering ways

I don't have the energy
To give my heart away

If there is one thing I've hoped for
A guy with so much more to say

Than silence like movies
Carry my tears to the lake

I'm washing all of this over
A time or two for us

My body is a temple
My lips are made for trust

I couldn't be your angel
I'm not sure I ever was

We couldn't make it better
Two humans falling into dust

My life is a light show
These stairways are the goal

I won't forget what I've done
I won't ever let them know

We were like walking stones
Always trying to carry on

Trying to fix what we couldn't mold
We were like two islands gone

And I know that I will always remember
I couldn't try hard enough to keep your surrender

Distance is my mother
Walking stones take another

Something I trusted long ago