Reflections: Reality (IX)

I never got a damn thing from what I gave out; I'm always the one that gives the most of myself

This song is a turning point song. It was recorded when I felt emotionally at my lowest. It was completely about the guy I thought I was in love with but it was also a stab at myself. It's now that I can see the raw side of this track and appreciate the fact that I exposed my full self in this. Bits of this song was talking to myself; other parts of it were talking to the guy I felt didn't understand anything about me or what I really was fighting for us to keep. 

Only in time would I have found that I got the break I needed; just not the way I had wanted it. Hope everyone is happy with it now however. I gave a gift in the end to someone (honestly, they deserve each other) and I deserve only the best. God's got my back on it and I know who ever he is bringing to me will make all of this seem like a joke.



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