It's about to get serious

So as many have seen in the news,

I live in a state that recently passed one of the most discriminatory laws in history. You guessed it, North Carolina.

Governor Pat McCrory passed a law which is referred to as HB2 or House Bill 2 and shows several discriminatory citations against not only LGBT individuals but others as well.

It is dubbed the "bathroom law" because it states that those of BIOLOGICAL sex are permitted but denies those who are transgendered because of the requirement to follow an individuals birth certificate.

To read the bill; click here

That is only part of the story, however. In the news today, several federal funding programs are being reviewed and may potentially be pulled due to this law. Businesses are already scrapping projects and many companies and federal institutions are blocking government funded travel to our state.

Here is a list of federal institutions and companies (most of which have headquarters in our state) that are reviewing their options to withdraw from our state or stay due to this new law: 
-Department of Transportation
-Education Housing & Urban Development
-Department of Education
-Bank Of America
-The National Basketball Association

This law is bad for business and bad for our state's morale. We live in the most ass-backwards state of them all. We don't have food banks in most of the state because it costs money to run them and our state politicians are greedy. A lot of things need to be changed.

Did I mention that it also takes AWAY all of the protective laws that were in place for LGBT individuals? That means that if a homophobic asshole walks up and stabs you; he's let off because you as a gay individual are not protected under the law in our state. This is serious people.

I personally am not into politics but THIS is something I do care about. I don't like to see that I live somewhere that is discriminating against its own people and those with a different way of life than my own. Instead, our governor tries to scrap programs to 'save money' but pockets it all and passes laws that are only making our state look bad. Prominent businesses that have kept our economy standing for years are pulling out of our state and this is something that will affect all of us.

Pat McCrory, you need to rethink this law and your own BIASED view on things. You need to stand up against your self hate of people and take action to DO YOUR JOB. You need to help make North Carolina a great place again instead of screwing it up left and right. The sad part is that you are by far the worst governor we have EVER had.

Its time for someone better.


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