Chime Card: No Support For Android Pay (UPDATED)

UPDATE: As of February 2017, Apple Pay is confirmed working and can be activated through verification on the Chime card. Still no news on Android Pay.

I love my Chime card. I really do, but there are some things that need to happen in order for me to love it even more.

If you are a customer and you've been wondering if Chime supports Android Pay or Apple Pay.

They currently don't, BUT according to their support team; they will be offering support for mobile payments like Android and Apple Pay in the near future. Along with new features such as Peer to Peer Transfers and Photo Direct Deposit Uploads.

There isn't a set date, however; it could be this year or even next year before we know anything or get a notification in our inboxes. Keep a watch out everyone!


  1. i've used my chime card on apple pay around january of this year no problems, its still on my iphone!


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