I just want to start off by saying that I have NO; absolutely ZERO respect for ANYONE that disrespects and bullies the mentally ill and ANYONE that bullies someone altogether.

What is sad, is that, I've met people in my life that were misinformed and misguided in their persona of how mental illness really works and why it is important to show respect to people even if you feel they have done something to you that justifies otherwise. 

Those with mental illness, suffer from an illness that is NOT curable and is NOT something they can turn off and on. Many people around the world suffer from these inabilities and yet you have people like the guy mentioned in this video who bullies people that he doesn't understand.

I have family with mental illnesses ranging from depression to anxiety to more serious forms of mental illnesses and to see ANYONE make sly gestures or asinine remarks will certainly set me off.

It is NOT okay to bully ANYONE; especially though with an illness.

In terms of bullying children; that is absolutely LOW and a severely redundant way of acting. You want to appear cool or appear more 'adult' like on your channel but you're acting like a prepubescent idiot and all you are doing is WASTING away playing video games that will do NOTHING for your education nor your financial future. Unless you count YouTube as an accomplishment. NOPE.

Point is, I WILL NOT support nor tolerate ANYONE (regardless of standing in my life) bullying ANYONE whether it is a 'joke' or otherwise. Bullying is NEVER okay. 



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