After much studying and applying myself

It's a pleasure to announce that I am now qualified to start the online school experience for my diploma. Something I put off for a very long time.

It is a self paced program that provides you with an interactive learning environment, academic tutors and your own personal instructors to guide you. They also offer a pace guide to help you reach your goal of 18 credits at the end of the entire process.

I'm excited to be on the way to this journey and I think that it will be very good for me. Enrollment is up to my discretion and I can chose to begin school at any time. It's an open enrollment program, so I'll be able to enroll at any time and once approved; the program courses and tools will be available to me, which take up to 48 hours for the administrators to make a decision.

The only thing I dread is the moment when I have to study Algebra... I always hated math... butttt I must learn in order to achieve... so with my brain I will go in and try my best to learn and apply myself as I did in this prerequisite.

Pictures listed below of my completion:

I finished before the deadline of April 11th as well; which shows that I am 100% serious about my educational future. I'm not playing around with it this time.

Wish me luck everyone :)

Busy nights are ahead!

PS: If you're wondering. I scored a 93 out of 100 for the prerequisite. I'd say; that's pretty fantastic and proof that when I want something; I'll do what I need to in order to get it