48 hours until school begins

I'm very excited but also a bit nervous because it's been some time since I've been in school. It's a stunningly beautiful day here today... the air is cool and crisp but not to a point that it bites your bones and the sun is sparkling brightly across the most beautiful blue sky I've seen in a long time. 

In fact, I'm typing this post as I sit underneath a tall tree in my backyard... it's days like these that remind you that there is hope in the world and that just because things may not go our way; the result that lies ahead is sweeter than any revenge we could ever bring.

Now, back to my original thought... school...

The great thing about this course is that it will help guide me to the next phase of my life. It's going to allow me to finish what I should have finished years ago; and to provide a stable pathway to where I want to be in the next 10 years. I hope to be in a lovely area with great people and a sense of adventure; much like Wilmington but maybe some place more foreign to me (not another country) but another state beyond the rules and regulations that bind gay people like myself here in NC; the bible belt state.

This post is about to be a bit random because I just finished showering not too long ago and I feel like sharing my favorite items of the day... I may turn this into a cute little trend for myself on here so I can look back on it later and remember to wear these things if I haven't in awhile...

Favorite body lotion for today: Miami by Pitbull (Part of a gift set) 
Favorite hand lotion for today: Pink Innocencia by Sonia Kashuk 
Favorite fragrance for today: Miami by Pitbull (Part of a gift set) 
Favorite lip balm for today: EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm (Stick form) 
Favorite shirt for today: The new aztec print tank top I recently bought at Walmart

Overall, today is turning out to be quite wonderful. Though I dread those blue Mondays, I actually look forward to the work week ahead. I may not always love my job but I'm very thankful to have one. I wouldn't be able to finish my education without it.
So, I stayed up until 4:30am this morning because I wanted to fight to pass my prerequisite (can you tell I am serious yet?) and I wanted to prove to myself that thought I will have many sleepless nights ahead; my goals are vital to my future; it's okay for me to lose some sleep in return for more knowledge.

Here I am, clicking the final module and starting to read and listen through, when I realize that it's early in the morning. I thought to myself; this is the last module... why stop now?

I continued on and to my surprise; passed with flying colors. I ended up with a lovely score of 93/100 on my final exam and it not only made me feel proud but I knew right then and there that I am more than ready for the next chapter of my life. The time is now :)