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Along the way


Love Is Noise

Will those feet in modern times walk on soles that are made in china? through the bright prosaic malls and the corridors that go on and on and on
Are we blind - can we see? we are one, incomplete are we blind in the city? waiting for lightening to be saved, yeah cause love is noise, love is pain love is these blues that I'm singing again
Love is noise, love is pain love is these blues that im singing again, again, again, again, again
Will those feet in modern times understand this world's affliction? recognize the righteous anger? understand this world's addiction?
I was blind - couldn't see what was here in me I was blind - insecure felt like the road was way too long yeah cause love is noise, love is pain love is these blues that I'm singing again (3x) again (6x)
All those feet in modern times walk on soles made in china will those feet in modern times see the bright prosaic malls will those feet in modern times recognize the heavy burden will those feet…

PodRide: The Bicycle Car

What a novel idea!


I absolutely love this show and I always will. Niles, you on point.

A beautiful Sunday


My Best Advice

If you look for negativity; negativity will blind you. If you look for positivity; positivity will change you.

Walking Stones

I let it go
Sucks but I know
Some stories are meant for me alone

Skies above me
Something I trusted long ago

Didn't think that I'd feel
Didn't think this would become real

All the words that were spoken
Moments I lost along the way

Now my eyes are open
I know what not to do

Giving my heart to strangers
Forgetting my youth

Didn't know I'd find it
Didn't know I'd feel blinded

Now it all makes sense
Why I'm left with my friends

Couldn't get easier
Breathing without the worst

Sometimes life becomes helpless
You have to make it work

Now my eyes are open
I know not to love too much

My mind is focused
A world I know I'll find

I don't have the time
For all these slandering ways

I don't have the energy
To give my heart away

If there is one thing I've hoped for
A guy with so much more to say

Than silence like movies
Carry my tears to the lake

I'm washing all of this over
A time or two for us

My body is a temple
My lips are made for trust


My favorite artist

I want to take the time to share with you all, a link to a very talented artist that I've come to love over the past few years. 
Her name is Alison Jardine and she is from London. Her work speaks to me in a way of intoxicating colors, thoughtful details, and an array of projects that she is working on. 
Her work is even sponsored by Sony in some of her more recent projects and art shows. I sincerely feel that if you haven't; you should visit Alison's profile on Flickr and have a look at her amazing talent. 
She not only has a lot of great work to share but she's also a very kind lady who really has a passion for her work and for her fans. 
Check her work out via this link > ALISON JARDINE FLICKR PROFILE



Like a forest


Beyond the trees, shine of hope


Life is a revolving door


Like a postcard


Lunch w/Drella was fun :)



I'm not hurting and I'm not crying over anything. The sense of freedom I wanted for such a long time has finally walked into my life in the form of taking care of myself and loving the time I get to spend doing what I want to do without anyone interrupting my positive flow.

We live in an unstable and unjust world that is filled with self entitlement and charmers that would rather feed on people than work towards building a better world with everyone.

Anything that deals with my past isn't an option. It's not something I will revisit again because it's the past and the past is meant to be swept away from you to make room for the new that comes ahead.

For a long time, I let others dictate my way of thinking, the words I would express, and the way I would feel about things. I let people decide what was best for me and it almost destroyed me.

It's a beautiful thing when you can look around and seeing all these broken people; you know how important it is to be kind …

Chime Card: No Support For Android Pay (UPDATED 2018)

UPDATE: As of December 2017- January 2018, Android and Samsung Pay is confirmed working and can be activated through verification on the Chime card.

More info: Click here

Setup: Click here

I love my Chime card. I really do, but there are some things that need to happen in order for me to love it even more.
If you are a customer and you've been wondering if Chime supports Android Pay or Apple Pay.
They currently don't, BUT according to their support team; they will be offering support for mobile payments like Android and Apple Pay in the near future. Along with new features such as Peer to Peer Transfers and Photo Direct Deposit Uploads.
There isn't a set date, however; it could be this year or even next year before we know anything or get a notification in our inboxes. Keep a watch out everyone!



My name is no, my sign is no, my number is no


I just want to start off by saying that I have NO; absolutely ZERO respect for ANYONE that disrespects and bullies the mentally ill and ANYONE that bullies someone altogether.
What is sad, is that, I've met people in my life that were misinformed and misguided in their persona of how mental illness really works and why it is important to show respect to people even if you feel they have done something to you that justifies otherwise. 
Those with mental illness, suffer from an illness that is NOT curable and is NOT something they can turn off and on. Many people around the world suffer from these inabilities and yet you have people like the guy mentioned in this video who bullies people that he doesn't understand.
I have family with mental illnesses ranging from depression to anxiety to more serious forms of mental illnesses and to see ANYONE make sly gestures or asinine remarks will certainly set me off.
It is NOT okay to bully ANYONE; especially though with an illness.
In te…

Chemistry Of A Car Crash

Just take away the words I say Cause I know That you don't feel the same Just go and say What's in your head And I won't try to stop you

Don't Cry Out

Seize fire

I will wait it out

I've gotta change my desire

Stay Down

Actually like this song mostly because of the beat, but lyrically, I probably could relate with it? Either way, a great song from one of my favorite bands... Loyal follower since 2006 :)

I know I have a way

of fading when I'm listening

A gift for myself

Since I started going back to school. Things are really looking up. This past week, my academic coach congratulated me on a job well done.

I'm already halfway through my second semester and once I focus, I'm like a bull...I will NOT give up until I reach my result of desire.

As a gift to myself, I purchased a new phone with better specs and a way for me to enjoy the true Android experience.

I seriously love this phone :)


So you're an internet player. 

I get it. Explains EVERYTHING :)

Just be yourself; it's all you can do


So #$%@ you, and your untouchable face

I could make you happy; it you weren't already


If its Dutch; it's not much.

Thanks, Psycho Ex BF/Friend/Whatever You Were Really/Loser/Jezebel — Branni Love (@BranniMikal) April 6, 2016 It's amazing how crappy people really turn out (myself included). Take for example, a guy that told he would've lied about his name (after lying with his photos) in an 8 year downhill spiral that is thankfully over.

I only feel terrible for the next person that becomes victim to you (or your boyfriend). You can claim you love someone all you want but love isn't a game; Its pure and simple. That's the problem with you; you don't understand the true simplicity behind these things because you were raised in a culture of insults and accumulations as an important virtue.

Money, jobs, degrees, are nice and they do have a lot of good but in the hands of bad people; they become powerful tools for greedy behavior and some of which I witnessed in the years I knew you.

You used the things I confided in you as a weapon against me and c…

It Became A Lie On You

The grave that you've been digging for me, became your home
Shocking all the evidence left On this holiday You're creeping up with venomous thoughts That you've waited to say
Your words are speaking out of your throat Like an open grave I haven't spoke to you in a year That's what I say
It became a lie on you It became a lie on you
If you think that I'm not the same Then I guess you've changed Blackened by the temperature made To smear my name
The grave that you've been digging for me Became your home
For teaming me as bad company I hope you know
It became a lie on you It became a lie on you
It feels like you're letting go I'm back for days to know Feels like you're letting go
Bring on the poison that's in your throat And fight for days to know Feels like you're letting go Like you're letting go
Shocking all the evidence left On this holiday

Words of encouragement

In the bathroom at work



It's here. School has officially begun!

I'm excited and yet so very nervous but I feel like this is a great step ahead and I can't wait to dive in and start working seriously on my future. The fact that this is a free education speaks enough already. 
I now have the tools I need to better myself and to really dive into what I feel will be a great opportunity for myself to take part in. Here goes!

Blog Update: Archives have been added

Archives are located at the left-hand side of this blog at the end of the left column
For a long time, you had to click on 'Old Posts' repeatedly just to access some of my older posts. Today, I'm making it easier by allowing you to pinpoint specific posts you like and find them with ease using the Archive links which are a convenient way to track posts that truly interest you.
I hope that everyone who reads my blog will find that using this tool is an easy way to enjoy all of my posts without having to click on 'Old Posts' five hundred time to get to a post that really resonates with what you're feeling or even a post that in some way; made you smile.
G'day <3

Put the lime in the coconut

Put the lime in the coconut and call me in morning
A great song to kick off the week... or if you're in need of freedom

So here I am and...

It's another stunningly gorgeous day today. 
The wind carries away all of your worries and the feeling that you can smile more than you can say 'I Love You' resonates in the entire ambiance surrounding you.
Today is one of those days where you can't help but appreciate the wonders of your natural habitat that is the outdoors. 
I'm sitting here on my colorful lawn blanket with my Macbook, my phone, and a nice orange drink underneath a very tall tree with just enough shade to say "I Told You So" and enough sunlight to make you wish it would never leave. 
These are the days you long for here. Where all you want to do is get out and have a little fun under the sun with the wonderful breeze that makes you feel like you're a kid again. A common feeling among those who haven't yet reached puberty. Or so Dr. Phil would say.
Here are some pictures:

And just for some added measure, how about staring at how huge my coffee is... this is the Dunkin' Donut…

Sail Away

Sail away with me hunny

I've noticed a pattern

So, I was thinking the other day about how the whole give and take process works in life. 

It's amazing how you come to these conclusions after having gone through them to begin with. 

The pattern is that once you gain anything in life; you always lose something in the process. Whether it's small or a broader loss is dependent on how big of a gain you received.

For example, when you lose a friend; you always gain one whether it's two days from losing the first friend, or in ten years from that moment. 

The point is that in life, it's revolve is around gain and loss. In all aspects of your life, you are either gaining or losing something. 

Amazing that I've deciphered such a pattern. Maybe I'm crazy or on the verge of being crazy. Regardless, this is interesting to me in the least.

Really though

Because deep down, you will never be happy

48 hours until school begins

I'm very excited but also a bit nervous because it's been some time since I've been in school. It's a stunningly beautiful day here today... the air is cool and crisp but not to a point that it bites your bones and the sun is sparkling brightly across the most beautiful blue sky I've seen in a long time. 
In fact, I'm typing this post as I sit underneath a tall tree in my backyard... it's days like these that remind you that there is hope in the world and that just because things may not go our way; the result that lies ahead is sweeter than any revenge we could ever bring.

Now, back to my original thought... school...
The great thing about this course is that it will help guide me to the next phase of my life. It's going to allow me to finish what I should have finished years ago; and to provide a stable pathway to where I want to be in the next 10 years. I hope to be in a lovely area with great people and a sense of adventure; much like Wilmington bu…

This years love had better last

And I've been waiting on my own too long
This is probably one of my favorites more recently. I was first introduced to David Gray when we upgraded our computer at home back in 2001 when Windows XP was first released. A sample of "Please Forgive Me" was included on the operating system to listen to; from there I got hooked to the swift and somehow forward melody at the time. I would later listen to this track and only now does it seem to strike me as a song more powerful now than it was when I was a kid. Check it out above :)

It's odd but I was thinking...

What if I was part of a crazy social experiment? What if the whole thing I went through was to collect data on how people react to betrayal and pathological liars.
Mind blowing.

After much studying and applying myself

It's a pleasure to announce that I am now qualified to start the online school experience for my diploma. Something I put off for a very long time.
It is a self paced program that provides you with an interactive learning environment, academic tutors and your own personal instructors to guide you. They also offer a pace guide to help you reach your goal of 18 credits at the end of the entire process.
I'm excited to be on the way to this journey and I think that it will be very good for me. Enrollment is up to my discretion and I can chose to begin school at any time. It's an open enrollment program, so I'll be able to enroll at any time and once approved; the program courses and tools will be available to me, which take up to 48 hours for the administrators to make a decision.
The only thing I dread is the moment when I have to study Algebra... I always hated math... butttt I must learn in order to achieve... so with my brain I will go in and try my best to learn and …

If I had a new look...

I'd give away every piece of you

Reflections: Reality (IX)

I never got a damn thing from what I gave out; I'm always the one that gives the most of myself
This song is a turning point song. It was recorded when I felt emotionally at my lowest. It was completely about the guy I thought I was in love with but it was also a stab at myself. It's now that I can see the raw side of this track and appreciate the fact that I exposed my full self in this. Bits of this song was talking to myself; other parts of it were talking to the guy I felt didn't understand anything about me or what I really was fighting for us to keep. 
Only in time would I have found that I got the break I needed; just not the way I had wanted it. Hope everyone is happy with it now however. I gave a gift in the end to someone (honestly, they deserve each other) and I deserve only the best. God's got my back on it and I know who ever he is bringing to me will make all of this seem like a joke.

Breakdown: Secondhand Lovers (IX)

Before, it had a unique meaning. This time, after the fact; the true meaning has come to fruition.
First, let me just state that this song is not only about a specific person; it's also about a specific situation which has come to pass (luckily) and upon further listening; new meaning has prompted me to retell the story of this track I made some time back and to evaluate what it's purpose is now.
"I open my eyes, I see the truth. I didn't realize, it was in you"
The line above is talking about the fact that upon learning the truth; I didn't realize that it was in the guy I put faith in for such a long time. I gave the notion of controlled trust in order to fulfill the idea of truth that which turned to be anything but the truth. This line is very deeply connected to that time of my life that I didn't fully understand until I let go of some anger and dislodged the memory.
"I feel all the senses changing, yeah, I want to reignite this flame again"…

I'm not missing you

I don't even feel the distance; I'm not missing you

Can you believe it? :)

I'm almost complete with my prerequisite and it's not even near the due date yet!

Due Date: April 11, 2016 (Homeland Security Prerequisite Course)

I'm like to thank the Walmart Lifelong Learning program for having accepted me into this exceptional educational program and for giving me the opportunity to finish what I should have finished years ago. This program is truly life changing already and I feel better about my future.

It's never too late to start over and though I have my days (as with any job), I am immensely grateful to have the job I have because they offer their people great programs like these to help us better ourselves and to help us decide on a brighter future for ourselves.

Thank you once again Walmart Lifelong Learning, for the chance to prove that I am capable of achieving greatness and that I am of value to society. I'm excited to see where this will lead me.

It's about to get serious

So as many have seen in the news,

I live in a state that recently passed one of the most discriminatory laws in history. You guessed it, North Carolina.

Governor Pat McCrory passed a law which is referred to as HB2 or House Bill 2 and shows several discriminatory citations against not only LGBT individuals but others as well.

It is dubbed the "bathroom law" because it states that those of BIOLOGICAL sex are permitted but denies those who are transgendered because of the requirement to follow an individuals birth certificate.

To read the bill; click here
That is only part of the story, however. In the news today, several federal funding programs are being reviewed and may potentially be pulled due to this law. Businesses are already scrapping projects and many companies and federal institutions are blocking government funded travel to our state.

Here is a list of federal institutions and companies (most of which have headquarters in our state) that are reviewing their options…

Daniel Bedingfield - Way With Words (Live)

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Daniel Bedingfield - It's Not Me, It's You

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#nicolebyopi in "Be Awesome" paired with #sinfulcolors in "Palm Breezy" A photo posted by @brannilove on Sep 9, 2015 at 5:21pm PDT


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Out and about :) A photo posted by @brannilove on Mar 31, 2016 at 9:46am PDT



I look adorable as a cartoon :)

Courtesy of

Only 7 more modules to go until my full course begins...

Currently learning about the importance of Report Writing :)

Rich people may never understand this...