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Along the way

Love Is Noise

PodRide: The Bicycle Car


A beautiful Sunday

My Best Advice

Walking Stones

My favorite artist


Like a forest

Beyond the trees, shine of hope

Life is a revolving door

Like a postcard

Lunch w/Drella was fun :)


Chime Card: No Support For Android Pay (UPDATED 2018)



Chemistry Of A Car Crash

Don't Cry Out

I will wait it out

Stay Down

I know I have a way

A gift for myself


Just be yourself; it's all you can do

So #$%@ you, and your untouchable face


It Became A Lie On You

Words of encouragement


It's here. School has officially begun!

Blog Update: Archives have been added

Put the lime in the coconut

So here I am and...

Sail Away

I've noticed a pattern

Really though

48 hours until school begins

This years love had better last

It's odd but I was thinking...

After much studying and applying myself

If I had a new look...

Reflections: Reality (IX)

Breakdown: Secondhand Lovers (IX)

I'm not missing you

Can you believe it? :)

It's about to get serious

Daniel Bedingfield - Way With Words (Live)

Daniel Bedingfield - It's Not Me, It's You





I look adorable as a cartoon :)

Only 7 more modules to go until my full course begins...

Rich people may never understand this...