Thank you

First let me start with the fact that I knew before you came out with it. I knew that the photos you were using were a bit different from the ones I knew before. I still don't know the person you were impersonating whenever I first met you; considering you look NOTHING like the people you used.

Good job, you should get into acting since you are so good at being cold and hurtful. It's not a great trait but why not be the greedy person you are and instill that love of money towards a different kind of project.

Remember the time when I commented in a conversation how different you looked (when you showed me pictures of Erick) and claimed that you've been doing something different with your style...and then of course you were thanking Val for it (I bought into it or so you thought by agreeing with your thoughts on the matter)

See, I've known for a long time that you were playing something. I just didn't think you would do it for a THIRD time. Here in America we have a philosophy that we all live by.

Fool me once, shame on you... fool me twice, shame on me.... fool me three times, shame on both of us

I've always lived by that idea because I'm a very FORGIVING person and that's what we do. We forgive (but we don't forget) and we try to get past people and their mistakes.

See, I would of respected you more if you had came out with it in the beginning but YOU chose to drag this on; not me... regardless of what you feel will justify your twisted view on things

YOU are the sick one. Using people and all but you already have someone.... greed... it's loud isn't it?

It's bad when Brock (my own bestfriend) is telling me based off of your emails that you WILL do this to someone else again. Yeah, good luck with that... like I said... you will do this stuff to the WRONG person someday and it could potentially get you killed if you keep up... just letting you know

Regardless, I don't feel sorry for you... I don't care about you... I don't even wish anything for you... as far as we are concerned here... you don't exist... you never did and you never will :)

That applies for both of you.

So now I'm going to use your OWN words against you... just like you did me...

Jij bent dood voor mij. Jullie beiden.

Ciao ciao mon cherie.