It has nothing to do with money

I don't like rich people because they are judgmental narcissists that feed off of people who are less than them in terms of social climb and degrees.

Money should NEVER define who you are or what you do. At the same time, if I were to become a rich kid tomorrow; I wouldn't be like some rich people and take vacations every two weeks to lavish places and spend way too much money on simple items like a bath towel or a freaking robe.

Being humble isn't having a great financial life. It's KNOWING who you are and what you offer people in such a positive way. Like how you make a person feel.

For example, I may not have money like some people but I have a big heart (unless you piss me off) and I'm the type that feels being in tune with your surroundings is more than going out every weekend to get plastered at some upscale bar (Europe; I'm talking to you).

I have a lot of wise experience with being hurt by people; so I can offer those who are just coming into their own an outlook into what to do and what not to do with the real world jerks out there. I also have a wicked sense of makeup knowledge and I could definitely benefit helping out people as I have in the past. I gave my mom a makeover and she couldn't stop thanking me because I showed her how to look ten years younger.

Simple life is living without a need for material things. You can't take any of these things with you when die. This includes cars, clothes, fancy wines, ratchet boyfriends, club friends, shoes, cheesecake, etc

PS: We all die alone. How depressing is that? (also, not really because God is constantly around...yay)


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