Classical Music

Today is a relatively good day for me. Though the stress of work seems overwhelming and tiring; today seems like one of those relaxing days where you spend time indoors relaxing as the rain is overtaking the outdoors.

As I got off of work a few minutes ago because today is our short day; classical music played in the car and each soundbite traveling to take you somewhere beyond your normal route of living evaded me.

It's a rather fond experience. It makes you feel like the rich kids driving around in Jaguars and swiping their no limit black cards in upscale parlors across the cities they live in. Though for me, it felt like a dream where I had no worries or judgements failing me.

What makes classical music so powerful is that you're not impeded with a preset emotion. You can literally think and feel exactly how you want to feel. 

Thank you 89.3 for playing wonderful music and uplifting me to a therapeutic place of tranquility and solitude. 


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