A Leo I work with told me... (UPDATED)

Leo's bounce back from heartbreak and betrayal... girl, yes... God's taken control of the situation because he knew I needed him...

Some things to get off my chest... (no anger intended... just being blunt)

1. I'm not stupid

2. I'm not the one to blame (yeah, you tried to blame it all on me but you were the one who played me... so about that)

3. I don't care what you do to me; I'm gonna do me

4. You can't change people (the whole time I knew you; you were trying to change me to fit into YOUR life without realizing that accepting people isn't changing them)

5. I helped give back something you couldn't give me; your welcome

6. You twisted EVERYTHING I've ever told you in confidence against me (cold to the core)

7. You can't sweet talk your way out or into everything and you should wake up before you start believing your own lies

8. Sexual tension = hookup ho... and I'm not a hookup type... nice try though

9. Immaturity has come from EVERYONE involved. Stop blaming one person for all the problems when you, myself, and a certain someone else were all equally to blame... my God... the dude supported you LYING... Guess we can't all buy into the material view

10. You can't buy love, happiness, or people

11. You never asked to video chat and when I asked you... you changed the subject... but I mean, we gotta make stuff up as we go right? Hey, if it makes you happy... why the hell are you so mad at me for?

12. YOU were the one who sent things to me... I never asked for it... I'm not a gold digger and you made me feel cheap at times... like I was a whore... I'm not... and no offence... just saying... can't buy me

13. You've killed every fiber of emotion I felt of you....I literally feel nothing for either of you... but at the same time... I don't wish anything bad on you... you shouldn't fight evil with evil... that's what God says at least and I value that quite a bit

14. I never judged you... I never made fun of you.... and I never lied to you... (except for that video... but I took it down... so Vally... don't get all mental love... it's gonna be okay... I don't have the time for it anyway... nor the care)

15. If I'm pathetic then so are you... just think about that thoroughly for a minute

16. What you have done in life isn't what makes me befriend you... I'm a simple person with that... KINDNESS is the key to all happiness

17. Your words validate nothing but your own vindictive ideals... and I don't care anyway... never will

18. You're actually more attractive than your fake picture people... butttt your personality might be slightly changing that for me... not bad... but good... you already got a man anyway... duh

19. I'm not into rich kids with fancy cars and pretty eyes.... but you were cool at one point

20. I love your Oprah story about life... you should write a book about it and then charge me an arm and a leg for it

21. I did truly want to try once... butttt then I had a bagel and it was over from there

22. Miracles do happen; they just didn't happen with us... I'm happy they never did... truly

23. I never wanted to fall for you... believe it or not... I didn't fall for you until almost 6 months into knowing you... and even then... I felt something was off about you... now I know what it was... so thank you for confessing at least... that much is a kind gesture... even though you basically told me what a crappy person I am... hm... what did Vally say in his email......... oh..... it takes one to know one.... thank Vally for that wonderful line of reality

24. Your idea of reality is a false idea of reality.... or so Brock has said... I agree... maybe if you got rid of all the fancy wines and things and did a SIMPLE trip to a SIMPLE place that isn't ritzy... you'd understand where I came from... SIMPLE living where it's freedom and you don't have to care what others think of you... I certainly don't and guess what... people like me MORE for it

25. I have a feeling you faked CAT pictures..... who does that?

26. I'd love it if you cursed me out in Dutch... then I could come up with new slogans for my room

27. Cheesecake is life

28. I'm actually a teenage girl in California who drinks lattes and masturbates to Yugio cards

29. I emailed MTV about you... but they never called back... and I don't care

30. You should go blonde sometime...

So there, those are my last and final thoughts on the matter... I'm glad I could make you feel better but in the end... I feel better because I don't have to try and be what YOU want me to be... that's not how friendship works and the sooner you realize that... the better your life will turn out... but I'm sorry... I guess your life is simply perfect and that's why it resorted into trying to make me like you... I'm me... love me, hate me, I can't be made into something I'm not... Let me live my own life just as I have let you live yours... I never judged you... or your partner even though at times, I could of easily been catty and said mean things but I didn't because I am beyond that... see, you may have learned mannerisms... but do you practice what you preach? No... you're the one that decided to start cussing and everything... did I encourage it? yes... because I was a rebellious kid at the time

So, in the end... I changed you too... (though I hardly change for anyone because it's MY life.... and YOUR life... we are in charge... not the other way around)

Anyways, some upsides for me...

1. Got a date on Sunday with a sweet guy that really seems to like me and I like him

2. I feel nothing when I think of the two of you... literally... nothing and it's freedom for me

3. You didn't make me bitter or lonely... I'm a Leo... I know how to bounce back from shade and keep my sunlight shining

4. I've managed to stumble upon information at work that is wonderful; my work will pay for schooling... so it's a plan at the moment to go back

5. God is healing every break you've done, every lie you've told me, and every judgment you've ever made of me. He's my sword in all of this darkness.

6. I don't feel any animosity towards anyone because I'm literally beyond it and I won't validate someone else to make them feel superior

7. Your right... I'm trailer trash... you know... I grew up in a trailer... and I took out the trash... great joke bro

8. Me and Brock are closer than we have been in a long time and it's all thanks to both of your emails... not to mention... I'm not the crazy one... especially with Brock's rant that made more sense than half of those words mentioned in the emails

9. I'm inspired because of anger, hurt, and the like.... wait... did I do what you did in your emails... yes I did... I just created an oxymoron of myself... great job!

10. I don't need you, I don't need your boyfriend and I never did because I honestly know how to make my situations work for me... I'm independent to the core... I've always been and it's a blessing that I am able to be... no vindictiveness... no lies... yess!

11. I actually mean everything I've said lately... excluding the video I deleted because you're right... it was beneath me but I think it's great how we've got this mean girls style of being nice but later bashing each other because we're so pissed off.... YOU did all of this; not me...YOU kept coming back around... YOU initiate most of the conversation.... YOU wanted me in your life... so your email is a bit off isn't it? see, like I said... instead of trying to change me... you could have accepted me as I am... not sure how catholicism works on this but "come as you are" is a focal point in religion and God... also, I am still able to be a friend to people... what I do in my life is MY business... I didn't ever come at you about all the stuff you did... I mean I could have... for example... all the XTC you were so willing to do (you know, it kills happiness right? it's true... serotonin decreases significantly and therefore... your mental state actually gets toyed with)... but right... I'm stupid... I'm sorry I didn't get that memo

12. All cattiness aside... I still care... I hope you stay cancer free (like my sister is) and I hope that you find the happiness that you feel you lost in me... I'm finding mine

13. Your threat didn't make me feel some type of way and I didn't even care to react... I'm human, I have done things... have you ever made mistakes? YES YOU HAVE. We all do. We're not perfect and I am at least willing to show that I'm DOWN-TO-EARTH and not attached to my money and my vacations...etc... call it whatever you'd like... I'm me and you are you... nothing wrong with it

14. While Leo's always try to take the burden... we know deep down we didn't do anything wrong... I know I definitely didn't... like I said... YOU made all of this happen because YOU pursued it... I was there... I participated... I got lost... and now I'm good

15. Coconut oil makes amazing lube (anyone up for a laugh? ... I know... my jokes are corny too)

16. Because you were a douchebag... I actually lost weight and I'm still losing it.... thanks for the membership to fakewatchers.... I mean weight watchers

17. Your butt is..........a butt.....haha yayy

So anyways... this is the weirdest post I've ever done...I like it :)

Mm bye


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