7Cups: A Place For Letting Go + Update On Schooling

Recently, I started on a program through my 7Cups app that is designed for helping people with depression, anxiety, and anything else that may affect them. Self diagnosed or not; I matter and I am of value. 

This all is truly life changing so far and I am already speaking with a great listener (trainer therapist) about my issues. Combating things one step at a time.

I'm participating in a 7 day growth program so far (currently on day 3) and will be moving onto the next phase after this program is over. 

I'm learning of techniques like mindfulness, breathing exercises, positive affirmation, and speaking with people in a robust community of kind and thoughtful help.

In terms of goals. I recently put in my application for obtaining a high school diploma with a degree in Homeland Security but have yet to hear back from the Walmart Lifelong department about whether I've been approved or not.

Basically I take a prerequisite for 2 weeks and it will determine my eligibility to whether or not I can take the full course. All of the costs are covered through work.

So, if you pray...say a prayer that I get it because I am serious about trying to get this going and plus...I want that degree 

Seems while some things have only gotten harder....some things are looking up and thanks to 7Cups; I'm on the right path to a more positive future.

Thank you to all the wonderful people at 7Cups for what you are doing. Truly inspiring and excellent work. I'm also considering the idea of becoming a listener to help others as well.

To become a listener on 7Cups network; you must take a course and upon completion; you will be able to provide others in need with advice, and scientifically proven ways to help change their lives.

To learn more about this amazing service; visit their website at www.7cups.com