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Apparently I'm not 26 anymore...


Don't underestimate me.

New Shades

You don't know a thing about me

UPDATE: Schooling

Throwback: Daniel Bedingfield

Beautiful song: If You're Not The One - Daniel Bedingfield

7Cups: A Place For Letting Go + Update On Schooling



Random Things I've Said (That sometimes made people laugh)

Classical Music

Essential Oils for Weight Loss

I let you get away with it

Keywords: Fake people

It has nothing to do with money

You're frozen; when your hearts not open

Changes (Lyrics)

You Never Know (Lyrics)

Ex Lovers (Lyrics)

Story (Lyrics)

Matthew 22

Let It All Go

List: Songs for those suffering breakups, betrayals, or other harsh setbacks

Words As A Weapon by Birdy (Lyrics) - My thoughts all in one song

Reflections: Using your own words to interpret my own view

Thank you

You use your words as a weapon dear

I guess we're at our best; when we're miles away

Okay, so this was my favorite song when I was a teenager

Why I'll Never do a Dutchman again

Loving you is too hard

I don't know who you are; I'm the same anymore

A Leo I work with told me... (UPDATED)

I heard you're going round, playing the victim now... what, don't

Great start to a pretty awesome day


Take Control EP (In Progress)

To cover or to not cover

Shots, shots, shots

Karma's gonna visit you too

My new favorite song.... the beat itself is lovely (Electronic)

Cheap words

Beautiful song

I've never felt so torn before; seems I don't know where to start

No such as thing as perfect people

Take control

There is hope

Crying out... breathing in

Fight Another Day - Addison Road

Rise above such thing as impossible

God; take it all because I'm unable...

Let it go...

Prank Channels Need To Die!


About that...

To all the FAKE Euro trash out there...

Boy In A Box

Catfished... new year; new heartache

God's greatest gift to all

Is it bad...

I'm just trying to feel alive again

Gonna love myself, no, I don't need anybody else