Ambiguous Sexuality

The other day I was discussing with a friend about how cloudy sexuality can be. We live in a world where shade is everywhere and no one wants to own up to their true nature. Instead we promote the idea that it's okay to lie about things to validate our social standing in everyday life and that; is not okay.

There is a growing epidemic of 'bromance' and 'if I suck dick, I'm still straight because he didn't fuck me' stance going on. The fact of the matter is; if you enjoy it... to me; you're no longer straight... that's like me sleeping with a girl and enjoying it but still claiming to be completely gay... at that point I would in reality be bisexual because I found an attraction to a woman and therefore it changed my mind on something that wasn't known prior.

I personally think the word bromance is stupid. The whole thing to me is just a prefabricated social idea that a so-called straight guy can get away with doing things that gay men do but still justify his own bullshit with "I'm straight". No; you're not dear.

See the problem with that is in all the years I've known about this bromance trend; not once did it occur to me that a TRUE straight man would send nude pictures of himself to his gay friends. This is something that happens and I know a friend who tried to justify this like the rest of society but after I gave him an eye opening talk; he can understand that phisad that lingers on this matter.

Last I checked, when straight men are getting away with doing gay things; us actual gay people were chastised and called names for it but because we now live in a politically corrected sado-morale kind of world; it's okay for a straight guy to act gay and still be straight? NO.

See, before this whole idea of bromances and metrosexuality; gay men had to fight for their right to even be who they are. We had to defy the odds and prove our stay in the world. To me, bromances are a disrespect to those who fought for gay rights in the Stonewall riots and for those who marched with Harvey Milk. It's a slap in the face against those who are truly being themselves and not covering up with idealistic shams to justify doing things that they shame themselves for later.

This culture of "I'm bi but I'm straight" and "I'm not gay but I'll suck your dick; just don't tell anybody" is absurd; disrespectful to gay men and women alike; and mocks the very substance of our gay rights movements that led us to be able to have the freedom to walk down the street holding hands or being able to kiss our partner in a public setting.

How dare you try and destroy that with a 'trend' and one that doesn't do anything but prove that you are making an ass out of yourself and gay people in general. You are saying it's okay to lie to people; that it's okay to pretend to be someone else and hide who you really are.

It's not.

Whatever happened to the simplicity of stating who you are and just sticking with it? Like for example; your straight... you can hang out with a gay guy but you won't be flirtatious or send pictures of yourself or talk about fantasies... you are simply a guy who is hanging out with another guy.

Even women are caught up in this trend. Playing the idea that kissing a girl isn't 'lesbian' of them. It's a disrespect to those who actually are lesbian. Think of how you would feel if a guy or girl that is gay pretended to be straight and did straight things all the while stating that they are still gay; it's a front to the very nature of who were truly are. It's a way of putting people down and borderline racist.

None of it is acceptable and I'm sorry but if you claim as someone who is 'gay for pay' but yet you are hard as a rock when you are doing it... YOU'RE GAY hunny. Stop lying to yourself and be true. Haven't we all suffered enough bullshit in the past from straight men?

Just saying.

PS: I have no problem with straight guys and I have friends who are straight. I just feel this is a topic that no one is speaking about and I want to air my own view on the matter and why I feel like bromances are a disrespectful trend against gay individuals. You may agree or disagree but this is my own view. I'm not speaking for the world.


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