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Reality - BLOV3 - IX


They tell you to be good and keep your head held high They tell you to do what you can to teach and survive
But you think that you are part of the problem this time Cause no one wants to be with the person that doesn't have much to offer in life
In life
They tell you you'll never get what you're looking for If you're the one standing out there searching for
And they say that when you give up You find what you are trying so hard to get But you don't even see it
Cause I'm not one for fairytales Or feeling like I'm somebody else Or I'm better than the next one, standing on the subway
Cause I know that I'm doing what I can And that nobody else in this world can give a damn Cause we are just people searching Never find what you want until the end
I have a whole life ahead of me And if feels like it's over now I never got a damn thing from what I gave out
I'm always the one that gives the most of myself While everybody else gets the whole …

R.I.P David Bowie

In memoriam of your true talent and spirit. We will miss you.