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Fuck You Erika (Lyrics)

R.I.P Marshmallow 😢

What Do I Spy?


All around

Life Update {Apartment life + roommate}


Fake Ass Bitches

Glimmer of hope

The Time I've Wasted

Project XX (Demo - UNFINISHED)

I'm not apologizing for shit.

Home (Lyrics by BLOVE)

Do you like my nails? Or is it my face?

My Give A Damn's Busted + F**k Apologies (NEW Single from Jojo)

Heart Skipped A Beat


Reality still finds us

Summer Collection: My Go-To Beauty Products


Don't you know I need help too

Amazing Vacation So Far...

Tomorrow (July 17th)

With all this racism everywhere...

Me & The Rhythm

Love Lives On


Waiting for a change #DrivenByLove

Pulse by Melissa Etheridge (Song dedicated to the victims of the Orlando tragedy)

My heart is broken. #LoveIsLove (Donate to the victims of the Pulse Orlando shooting)

Say It Right - Cover - Karaoke

I Never Loved You

Crash (Sampler - Music Produced by Dnali)

There will be trouble but it's always better in the morning

Along the way

Love Is Noise

PodRide: The Bicycle Car


A beautiful Sunday

My Best Advice

Walking Stones

My favorite artist


Like a forest

Beyond the trees, shine of hope

Life is a revolving door

Like a postcard

Lunch w/Drella was fun :)


Chime Card: No Support For Android Pay (UPDATED 2018)



Chemistry Of A Car Crash

Don't Cry Out

I will wait it out

Stay Down

I know I have a way

A gift for myself


Just be yourself; it's all you can do

So #$%@ you, and your untouchable face


It Became A Lie On You

Words of encouragement


It's here. School has officially begun!

Blog Update: Archives have been added

Put the lime in the coconut

So here I am and...