Top 5 Christmas Themes for Chrome + 1 Custom-Made Theme by B. Mikal

So, it's been awhile since I shared with you some of my delightful favorites for the fall season. The time has come to swap out sweaters for thermals, tee shirts for flannel, puffy jackets, and the delightful ear muffs. Winter is upon us and what better way to enjoy it with a little Christmas cheer!

My favorite themes range from simple phrases etched in decorative backgrounds and iridescent hues to traditional holiday ambiances that really capture the spirit of the holiday. Sometimes it's all in the picture you use. Check out the wonderful holiday themes in the list below:
Charlie Brown Christmas by Kimberly Mason-Odle

Get it HERE
Ornaments by Alondra Moreno

Get it HERE
Vintage Christmas by Leslie A. Maurer

Get it HERE
Merry Christmas by linge

Get it HERE

Christmas Time by MaikenVN

Get it HERE

(BONUS) Snowflake Cookies by Brandon Love

Get it HERE


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