Slander, Hate, and Those Who Accept It

Recently, I had an issue arise between myself and another person pertaining to a situation that involved me and another party. I don't know what was said about myself to people and I am refusing to feed power to it.

You have those friends in your life that are your ride or die people and those are the people you should keep close to you but then you've got those who are fairweather and only benefit in certain ways to your growth.

If you witness someone you love being bullied or hateful derogatory comments being shamed on them; you should stick up and be a voice when they are not able. It is our job in life to make this world a better place and it starts with how we interact together.

When someone is attacking your friend; who you claim is your best friend; you should do something about it. That's what friends are meant to do. By you standing by and accepting what is happening; you are accepting hate and you are just as guilty as the bully who is hating on your friend.

That's all.