My Top 5 Favorite Chrome Themes (for Chrome OS/Chrome Browser)

Hi there everyone,

Themes are a quintessential part of our experience on computers these days. We all enjoy having a computer look and feel the way we would envision it to be and it definitely can make a world of difference when it comes to setting the mood and making computing a more enjoyable experience.

This post is going to show you the top five favorite themes by yours truly, to which, are not only my favorite but essential in my customization collection. I love to do my computer up and if anyone is like me; this list will be satisfying indeed.

Here goes...

Nuvi Collection by Elisa Sassi

Get it HERE

Paisley (Autumn Edition) by Egano

Get it HERE

Star Se7en by Lucas Jamali

Get it HERE
Flower Power by Eileen Gano

Get it HERE

Chococat - Green Fields by Invisible Ape

Get it HERE

Well you guys, that's it for this round of themes. Coming soon; I'll share my top five favorite holiday themes for Christmas, Halloween, and more!


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