My Top 5 Fall/Halloween Themes (for Chrome OS/Chrome Browser)

In my last post, I shared some of my top 5 favorite Chrome themes for use with both the Chrome Operating System and the Chrome Browser by Google.

With this post; I will share some of my favorite Fall/Halloween oriented themes for the season. As we all know, it's getting cooler at night and the skies are getting fuller which means Fall is upon us and boy am I excited for such a season!

It's really the one season where the colorful leaves invade your senses, the cool crisp air taking you to the joys of the season and the invitation of lovely attributes like hot cocoa and apple cider. Great times to be had indeed my friends.

These themes are custom created by people like yourself on a little known site called ThemeBeta which is a site specifically tailored to offering custom Chrome themes and even has a theme creator app in the Chrome Web Store.

Without further adue... here are my top 5 favorite themes for this season...

Eerie Moon by werewolf

Get it HERE

Halloween by linge

Get it HERE
Fall Leaves by Jennifer Anderson

Get it HERE
Autumn Bounty by Niecie

Get it HERE
Halloween Enchantment by Niecie

Get it HERE

Well, that's it for my favorite seasonal themes for Fall/Halloween. As you can tell, I like to mix it up between the season itself and the corresponding holiday within the season. Soon, I'll show off my favorite themes for Christmas time; including a bonus theme created by myself just for the season! Stay tuned gorgeous ones!


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