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What kills me

It pains me that I feel such a way. To wish I no longer knew you. To wonder what life would of turned out to be like without you. You build friendships into best friendships and it makes me feel like I'm constantly being replaced. I get treated unfairly at times because you grab all the attention and allow no option to change that. I get it, you are who you are, but at the same time, I'm only hurting myself.I have to let go of this. I have to stop coming over every weekend only for you to meet new people and rub it in my face of all the new friends you made and how easy it is for you to do all the things you do, it's not so easy for the rest of us.Life is unfair, it's full of struggles, and full of moments we wish we could change. I'd give anything to make things better. To not get upset so easily or distraught over guys. I feel like sometimes, you don't understand me. You say your empathic but I don't feel like you are because you truly don't get what …

Too gay? (1st voice blog)