Slow kills

It's never easy to see someone who just drops a bomb on you; with other people. Still, as I said recently with a few people involved in my life; he did it for himself.

Sex is the undertow of many guys here and unfortunately; the old fashioned side of me makes it difficult for it to mesh with their overwhelming demand to get off.

The realism of sex is that while it is great to have, it isn't a vital solution to making anything better. You can leave someone in hopes of more fun, but considering you are older than I am and still single; proves that you didn't learn any of your life lessons and that is quite sad but not the least bit surprising.

Men of any age have their pros and cons; regardless, everyone will have something they have to work on in their life; hence why we are here on this Earth.

Steadily, I leave a lyric for you to ponder:

Tell me if you love someone, do you love them all?

I know the truth behind your decision and while I am saddened by it; I understand that age doesn't constitute wisdom and sometimes, people are still growing long past the typical 'deadline' that we all give ourselves.

If you love them, let them go

Such are the clever words we follow and so seldomly understand holds such a valid truth.

Maybe princes don't come on fancy horses and shiny armor; maybe finding your inner royalty is the key toward something strong. Weakness is an unfortunate thing.

If you really love someone, you do everything you can to make it viable and true to the nature of both parties.

Unfortunately, you can't always get what you want can you?

Hence, my most famous of twos - Forever forward


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