The best life lesson I've learned

Along the way, I've encountered the pan-sexual that didn't know what he wanted; the guy that fought every word that ever came out of my mouth; the so-called friend that slept with anyone I loved; and the delightful drug addict that felt like drugs were the great thing since puberty.

All I have to say to people out there that are struggling to find answers in those situations or struggling to let go of those people is this...

First mistake - let it fly
 Second mistake - say goodbye 

The reason it's imperative that you let go on the second mistake is because those mistakes are purposeful and they are patterns which will lead you on a path you don't want to be on. These lessons you learn out of your mistakes are meant to guide you; protect you; and build you into the person you were meant to be. 

So take the initiative; let those bad people flee out of your life and focus on the most important person of all; yourself. The reality in life is that you only have yourself and God. There are great people out there that will be there and believe you and me; you will find them and they will find you but you have to let go first in order for God to bring those blessings to you. 

You are beautiful, you're strong, and you are loved. Remember that! 


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