Tired, I am

So last night was a relatively good night for me but the inclusion of a major toss and turn drama ensued and my body said 'hell no' to sleep mode.

I don't look forward to the busy and stressful day that lies ahead for me at work today. Coffee can only do so much and I fear that even my dietary supplement which has enough caffeine to supplement my coffee; just won't do.

Ah, the joyful life of your body fighting precious sleep. How did they do it in the olden days? How did they manage things like this?

If only I could time travel. I'd be back at 8pm and forcefully entering a calm sleep. Melatonin; not needed of course.

Perhaps I just need to stop thinking so much. This brain is constantly thinking about everything. Sometimes, I'd love to turn it off and just relax in tranquil peace and be distant from the universe.

Only then, would this body take on the gift of sleeping. To those who have master such a trial; what must one do to get a little sleep these days?

Is this an indication that I probably need to get laid? Should I be sleeping with the blinds open? Is there a mystical power that someone has that will magically make me fully rested without sleeping?

I call of you; oh wonderful sleep giver. Make me a sleepy dream kid. Pretty please with blindfolds on top?


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