November Comes

Tonight, I spoke with a close friend of someone whom was a major influence in my Cr-48 days back in 2010-2011 when I was working with Google on a major project that later became what you all know now as Google Chromebooks.

AC Monroe (who in short is simply the most amazing guy I've met in the program) had left for quite some time due to personal litigations and so forth back home. It's with great excitement that I am posting this blog to let all of you who know him and took part in countless fun hangouts and spent hours testing Google+ when it was still in Beta - He's coming home in November this year!

AC Monroe is a very kind hearted guy who really looked at life with such a peaceful approach. He's one of the few that if you had a question about Chromebooks, or anything in our group that was Google related or partly due to the current times then when we all were test pilots for the Cr-48 prototype devices; he would lend a helping hand or point you to someone who could. He was quite the dedicated guy and he always knew how to make you smile and laugh.

It would be a lie if I said I didn't have a connection to him; we all did. Lea, Brian, Brian L., John, Michael, Laura, and all the countless others that were part of our wonderful hangout crew; we shared something immensely special that even now; cannot compare to the relationships I've had outside of Google+

For those who haven't written to him (as I am guilty of) due to or mostly in part of not having the correct address - Fear no more because I've gained access to it and was given permission to share it with those who want to write to him before his arrival home in November.

If you would like this said information; please contact me via Hangouts and we can take it from there!

This is the best news I've had lately, I am beyond ecstatic about seeing my lovely gorgeous friend finally make it home. Oh, how I have missed you AC!



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