Littlest, You Are

If I had a chance to say to you
The things that fell between us
The lies, the jokes of my regret

Putting all my heart to the test
I know now what I needed then
It's time for me to reach myself
Forever forgetting this hell

You are not good
Keep believing it
You will surely fail

So you throw away your morals for cheap feeling
Hurt those that cared oh so much
You've lost what you didn't ever gain
You're the cause of your own game

I'll keep running away

Looking forward, to find my heaven
I don't deserve the things you did
I'm better than you
I'm better than you could ever give

Cause I will live
Defy the steps that took me down
I will breathe, cause I know who I am now

You never knew yourself
Always burning what went well
You don't care about anyone but yourself
Always turning into your hell

I will keep running away
Finding myself on oceans and pavements
You can handle me, you can't risk yourself

What would it be, if I let you down?
I bet you'd never hear me out


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