It always makes my day when... aka randomness

Someone comes up to me to remind me that my kindness has power. A reminder that being the better person and respecting everyone and forgiveness is key.

Though some people have made mistakes, or done me wrong, at the end of the day, I know what I have to do. I know I don't deserve it and I know that I can do and will do a lot better for myself and I already am.

Sometimes in life, people come in and they are lessons for you to fight and learn with. You find a piece of yourself in every moment and every error that they propose against you. It helps you figure out who you are; what you want in life; your priorities; and it lets you know that you are indeed; very important in people's lives.

Today, I had a pretty crazy day at work; tons of things to do but I got them all done and it makes me smile knowing that I've got my morals in tact enough to not curse someone out for stressing me out a bit. The team that worked with me as well as myself really pulled together and in the end, my department is looking a lot better; I'm starting to find my own and really take control over my area. It's about time.

A lady whom I made an impact with visited me twice this week. God bless her and her wonderful smile. She's lifted me up and proven to me that being kind is the best gift you can provide to anyone. She was having a terrible day and I happened to be shopping at the other store that we both work at; I was goofy, bubbly, and very endearing that day and felt that I should cheer her up. So, I did.

I never thought that I would be able to impact her life and to bring her to smiles again. It's changes like that which make me understand my true value and how much of an amazing person I really am. Anyone who denies it or decides to overlook it is clearly not someone I need to share my dreams with.

On a side note however, I'm not holding any ill will against anyone anymore; I'm not thinking about the horrible situations I've dealt with. I'm not crying or dwelling over some guy that couldn't appreciate my value; I'm not even talking about those things anymore because I am loving me; my life; and what I have in store for myself. There are so many goals I've got set lately and I'm super excited to jump into them and really evoke the things I want out of life.

People, I'm telling you, love comes in so many different forms. You don't need that guy or girl that can't accept you for who you are. You don't need to put up with less than amazing people because YOU are amazing. YOU have the power and control to stamp your life with approval through yourself. YOU are a purposeful and prosperous spirit; keep going and you will achieve so many great things that you will forget all about those errors and downfalls you went through in your past.

When you wake up and realize that you can forgive someone without wanting to punch them in the face; you've learned how to handle the situation that which you dealt. Life isn't about playing high school or popularity contests and if someone treats you this way; they need to evaluate themselves and be gone.

You are validated. You don't need drama or rude shady people around you to make you understand it. You just have to let go and say 'I'm done putting up with this' and carry onto the next level.

Remember, love and lust are two different things. Loving everyone is nice but sharing yourself is not love; it's self deprecation through blindness and low esteem. The day you realize you can do better; you won't have to share your body to feel anymore. You will feel strong and confident just from smiling and realizing that your body is just that... a body... and if a person values your body and not the wonderful spirit that resides in you; keep stepping love. So many amazing things can conquer over those troubles and you will realize it when you least expect it.

Life is always full of wonderful surprises, so go chase after your happiness, love strongly and be the BEST you that you can be with everyone you know and meet in life. You never know what kind of amazing impact you have on someone just by being true to yourself and being kind.


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