I sneak into these lies so I can stay away
They comfort the small side of you
These failures that you can't face

Little boy, why do you envy?
What's the problem? What were you really sending?

They want your body, and all your words
Give nothing back, just a little more blood

Naive to build up his ego
Sorry liar wanna know how we go?

My heart is beating like a drum
Step back; so I'm on the run

We can't break the habit
Too weak to choose
We're just defeating the purpose
You can have, you can have everything
If you're eyes were just open
You could be happy

Who, who was the one that meant the highest in your game?
We can act like we're breaking bridges
Honesty never came

I've never felt like I was your favorite
Until the lights went pitch black
My body was all you had
Do you like it when I turn my back?
Just comfort for satisfaction that never lasts

You can't give yourself away
It's impossible to love a man
You don't know what the hell you want
You don't understand
Gender is no means to perfection
All I tried to give was a piece of protection

I've witnessed your calming
Do you like the feel of my lips?
They all just want your body
Taste of sweet cherry kiss

I'll give what they need
Just to be in this cage
You can't handle me

I'm everything you've never got
My lips close; my body stops

You destroy to feel alive
Shit always looks so nice
Only on the outside


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