Double Standards & You

Pay attention; enemies copy you so they can try to validate others on false ideas in order to feel better about themselves. They know you have a purpose and gift that no one can make. You're a rare gem; and they're just a lump of coal wishing. They're dirty, cheap, cruel, and sneaky as hell; so always be on the run because life waits for no one. Wake up; your happiness is calling.

When it comes to myself and this person who apparently plays roles and wants to be an actor using my life and my struggles; you are nothing like me; and people will see that every time you try it. So I'll sit back and laugh hysterically as your lies become the very definition as to why no one will trust; nor believe you and anything that you say. If they do, they're lost, and they are cowardly of the least.

You can't imitate class, because you have no morals to begin with.

I'm a rare breed and only so few will ever experience the gifts that I can offer. Only so few can sit with me inside of my temple of luxury, love, class, honesty, and loyalty. There is no one who can match to the truth I bring and whether bad or good; I always make an impact in everyone's life somewhere. Whether they can admit to it or not.

So, keep spreading a false idea that you are this amazing, artistic, musical person but at the end of the day; the true you will come out whether you want it to or not.