Crossing boundaries (Matthew)

It's no secret that I've been dealt a bad hand a lot in my life. Often times, situations become chaotic and I; like the spirit deer that I am; run as fast as I can to the nearest silent place.

Recently, a couple people who had betrayed me, belittled me, used me, and lied in my name, decided that showing up at my workplace was a justifiable measure to getting my attention. It didn't work. If you show up again, I can have you banned and escorted personally from the store and the law can and will get involved if necessary.

First of all, I work for the company that I do because I am there to WORK. Telling a random manager about all of your business is not a sane move. You; are the most ratchet and vilest human being that has ever walked the face of this Earth and I'm so repulsed by you and the people that are involved with your foolish ways; that it is likely possible that the law will become involved considering your track record.

I don't have time or any desire whatsoever to repair, give, or develop ANYTHING with you or the people that work alongside your shady circle. When I've made up my mind, I'm 100% clear and justified in my decision and if I say that I never want to speak to you again and I don't want you to contact me ever again; I genuinely mean it. I don't play cat and mouse. I don't do high school pettiness.

You can take all that I have around me, but you will NEVER take my light. The reason you are always trying to harm me and destroy the good in my life is because you aren't able to find it in your own life. You can't gain good things in your life because you are not willing to ACTUALLY change yourself for the better and you lack full commitment to giving up the things that make you such a horrible person.

It's pretty sad that some people have decided that losing their morals was a great investment and they lost 3 people because of you. Not, one. 3 people. I wondered for a long time how you were able to sleep at night knowing how terrible you are to people. I find it sad that you are still in denial after all these years when it comes to the fact that NO ONE REALLY LIKES YOU. NO ONE.

Jealousy is a thief and I know that you are a jealous one because if you weren't; you wouldn't snatch every boyfriend I get, or sleep with every person on the planet. That's seriously disgusting. YOU ARE SERIOUSLY DEMENTED and people that buy into you are clearly not smart enough to realize their worth. Self-esteem issues much??

So the reason people have come and gone isn't because they need a break. It's not because they are sickly or feel like they need to get away.

It's because they don't want to put up with YOU, or any of the correlating drama that ensues in your pathetic, less than, life. For crying out loud, you can't even afford your electricity. That's pretty sad but what's worse is you won't do anything about it. I'm certain that you're either resorting to tricking again, or lunging money off of people because you can't handle the harsh reality of your drama. TAKE CHARGE OF YOURSELF & YOUR LIFE.

I'm not an idiot either. I know that you read my blog because my stats keep me updated on who is visiting my page. If I hate you, I don't want to be around you, and I refuse to give into your masochistic nonsense; what makes you think that I will ever do so based on you trying to input yourself where you don't belong?

So please, for the sake of humanity. LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE WHEN THEY WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE. You can't always get what you want and you WON'T get your way with me. I can guarantee that until the day I'm gone.


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