Coming soon

There comes a time in everyone's life when they must part ways from their home and move onto a brighter and new found purpose that can expand and educate oneself about truly living a free life.

Free as in; independent of course.

Recently, I was given a very long awaited offer from someone I am in touch with about moving into their new apartment and starting a new fresh life together. Building something for myself and helping me to get further onto my path towards adulthood.

It's been several years now and I've been hard at work for the past 2 years; trying to prepare and learn everything I can in order to build a stable environment for myself. It's only now; at the age of 25; that I'm learning my true self and coming to terms with the impossible.

Among the details so far, I will be living in a two bedroom apartment nearby my workplace (an added bonus) and I will be able to look towards working on what I have planned for myself ahead. I've been told by multiple people that I should consider a career in education considering I would make an excellent teacher and my spirit leans towards showing people their true colors.

I think this is a massive change; but one that I've been waiting for; for a very long time. I look forward to what lies ahead and I believe that I will accomplish great things with this transition into my independent life that I'll be sharing with a friend I've been in touch with.

I don't know what lies in front of me; but I know that I will make the best of it and utilize my sources to make it a positive effect in my future life. I will reach my goals and I will be happy because of it.