As originally posted by Adrianna Mortiary: Pain

Pain, it comes in two forms

Physical pain and emotional pain.

As a child I would get a cut or hurt myself and think that the world was going to end. But, my mother and father would always somehow know how to make it better.

As I grew older I ran into the emotional side of pain...

The pain of rejection...
The pain of heartbreak...
The pain of losing someone...
and the pain of loneliness...

These types of pain are pains that I couldn't describe. I couldn't just put a band-aid over it or go to a doctor to be cured. I had to just deal with them. I had to bare the nights crying myself to sleep, or put on a smile even though I was dying on the inside.

This is nothing more than an opinion, but deep down I think that emotional pain hurts so much more than physical pain.
I know getting shot by a gun or stabbed is awfully painful, but when you are truly hurt by someone you care about, whether it's family, friends, or a lover, it seems like that is the pain that hurts the most. It leaves you feeling this emptiness inside like your soul is starving or like your heart is being ripped out. 
It sucks even more when you are the type of person that wears your heart on your sleeve or simply cares too much. You just want love, even though you know that the world won't love you the same.
People always say, I love you... But, sometimes I wonder if they really know what it means. To me, Love is unconditional, meaning: There are no conditions on love, period.
If a person makes a matter how big or small...and are sincere in their apology...How couldn't you forgive them if you truly loved them? Who said that love was just holding hands, kissing, and all the lovey dovey stuff?

Love is war, and it takes strong people to be on that battlefield. Warriors, it be exact. You are going to get bruised up, hurt, and maybe even cry...but at the end of it all...The victory in love is the most satisfying feeling in the world.
Love really does heal all wounds. It's just to bad...not too many people have love in their hearts.

Courtesy of Adrianna Mortiary


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