Like Dust To The Wind

What will you do? What must we say?
These demons have taken over you
A price I had to pay

I'm not dead, I'm not alive, when your words travel to my eyes
I let you fly away, so I could find my place, comfort and joy that can't be shaped
A distance from the sky, I see an emptiness of yourself
I give you silent replies

Don't look for me, let it be heard upon the trees
You're anguish for revenge, can't be yearned
You fall upon self misery
I need not nobody, none of my concern
My life is a company, and I'm ready to turn

So call out for an echo, for it won't surface
My light can't accept darkness and I'm certain
When vanity and two faces are blistering up on your high
My whispers to haunt you; our final goodbye

I've moved on, with life
Please, don't try