R.I.P Brandon Holland

It is with sad dismay that I have recently learned about your passing. I never even knew you passed away until I did a Google search of you tonight.

You and I had a history together when we were younger and I will never forget that. We laughed and shared many great phone conversations together that made lasting impacts on my life after we parted ways.

I'm in such shock right now to know that you are no longer here with us. I wish I had been in contact with you more often; I wish we could have made more lasting memories together before you left.

Though you are no longer here, I know that somewhere out there in the sky; you're looking down on all the people you impacted in life and smiling. I will always miss you Brandon. You were among one of the few guys I dated as a teen that really connected with me and I will never forget the joy you brought to me.

May the serene captivate you in your afterlife. Forever remembered and on.



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