The 'season' annoys me

While love is quite a masterful thing in it's own right, I have furthered my inability to try after having applied energy into someone who is yes one minute and no the next.

I'm sorry but since when should I be adapting to someone who isn't clear upon the notions of what they really want to follow in their life ahead?

I've taken strong pushes forward lately, both career wise and in terms of my life all around. I have big plans ahead for myself and if you can't accept that in life; you have to strive, I'm not so sure if I can understand you because I want a life, you clearly haven't built any ideas to gaze upon yet and that is at best, confusing.

I'm all for a cute picture every now and again but if you're posting 5 kissing pictures all over my feed constantly; I feel like you're bragging and bragging is never cute for anyone or from any thing. Let's be honest here, we all have our advances that make us who we are but some of us like simple, and not so much pushed love stories.

If you have to post 5 or more pictures of you kissing and so on (in one day) to prove you're taken; something is clearly wrong. What do you have to prove? Why is it necessary to prove it to people when you've clearly won that opportunity by gaining the person you've fallen in love with?

Maybe I'm just haggard and jaded; or simply too tired of these seasons of love. Either way, calm it down. You make love seem cheap and it's anything but a menu item on the buffet of things to do in life.

I'm just throwing it out there. No anti intended. I just don't care for bragging :)