Paranormal episodes of a scared kid

For the past 3 years now, I've experienced more often the sensation (if you will) that I cannot explain. It's not something that I am taking lightly either.

This isn't a normal post for me and I've never come clean about this experience that keeps happening but it's one that I fear is more real than I imagined. It's quite a scary thing for me to even acknowledge it.

It appears that when I'm sleeping, some form of being (which I cannot see but I can hear) is altering me. In my dream (which feels incredibly real; as if I'm not asleep and I am widely aware) - I am unable to hear myself screaming or trying to scream but it appears that I am trying to voice myself as this being is near.

While I'm trying to fight it, it's trying to suck my spirit from my body or so it seems and the entire time, I'm fighting against it with all my might. This is where it gets scary for me.

I hear what sounds to me, a sound of something heavy dragging loudly against my floor. As if the ascension of this being is leaving me but at the same time, it makes me want to freak out because I'm unable to explain this phenomena. I fear it; whatever it is. It seems to be a powerful one but eventually; I'm able to break free from it's spell.

Whatever this is that keeps repeating itself so often and it's in the same type of pattern; if anyone out there is able to help me clarify this ordeal; to better understand it. I'm open to your help.

This isn't normal, this isn't something a person of any kind should be experiencing. It can't be stress related because it happens at random times and often; I'm not stressed out about anything in particular.