Of all the Jamendo.. I find..

It's funny that throughout the current state of my life; I've just discovered a vision of my past once again; through musical discovery.

If it's Dutch, it's clever; unique in art; and ready for admission towards your living.

I've discovered an artist whom goes by the name of Kate Orange. She's from Rotterdam actually and how nifty is it that her music is very New Age and yet it intrigues me to follow into listening to more of her work.

She's a very attractive young lady with quite the appeal for a musician. I'm growing fond of her style, which is very ahead of it's time really. It's quite an ambiance of eclectic notions and surreal abstracts that one can only discover if they time travel.

Some of her music seems reminiscent of the 1980s a bit which I can highly respect considering I really value the music that started New Wave and Synthpop to begin with.

I've fallen in love with such a tool as Jamendo. It's clever, it's perfect for an indie music lover like myself who is afar from the Windows and Mac like clients of today's youth. It's a hotbed of discovery and unique flavor which invite you to view music from a truly hands on point of view. Beautiful and fluid.

Check it here... www.jamendo.com

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