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From a Dutch perspective... (I love how blunt he is)

I'm Brandon; and I approve this rant. He's 100% right.

Paranormal episodes of a scared kid

For the past 3 years now, I've experienced more often the sensation (if you will) that I cannot explain. It's not something that I am taking lightly either.

This isn't a normal post for me and I've never come clean about this experience that keeps happening but it's one that I fear is more real than I imagined. It's quite a scary thing for me to even acknowledge it.

It appears that when I'm sleeping, some form of being (which I cannot see but I can hear) is altering me. In my dream (which feels incredibly real; as if I'm not asleep and I am widely aware) - I am unable to hear myself screaming or trying to scream but it appears that I am trying to voice myself as this being is near.

While I'm trying to fight it, it's trying to suck my spirit from my body or so it seems and the entire time, I'm fighting against it with all my might. This is where it gets scary for me.

I hear what sounds to me, a sound of something heavy dragging loudly against…

Of all the Jamendo.. I find..

It's funny that throughout the current state of my life; I've just discovered a vision of my past once again; through musical discovery.

If it's Dutch, it's clever; unique in art; and ready for admission towards your living.

I've discovered an artist whom goes by the name of Kate Orange. She's from Rotterdam actually and how nifty is it that her music is very New Age and yet it intrigues me to follow into listening to more of her work.

She's a very attractive young lady with quite the appeal for a musician. I'm growing fond of her style, which is very ahead of it's time really. It's quite an ambiance of eclectic notions and surreal abstracts that one can only discover if they time travel.

Some of her music seems reminiscent of the 1980s a bit which I can highly respect considering I really value the music that started New Wave and Synthpop to begin with.

I've fallen in love with such a tool as Jamendo. It's clever, it's perfect for a…


Run awayRun away What do you see in the dark?  Double stories make it fall apart
Open eyes Reversing lines Where should you be? Why is there no honesty?
You, disappear Fear radiates the status quo Your faith for me taken on the low
I won't be here when you return

Of A Ghost

I always chase blood
In hopes for more than enough
Bloodshot eyes on the run
Wishing for more than once

But you couldn't give, it's not what you crave
I'm in the hole, digging my dreams in vain
When I see your face

I've always swam the ocean
In regards to nothing but falling focus
Blisters upon the feet that walk
Wishing for someone, he's nothing after all

But you couldn't phase me, it's not what I really need
I'm in my world, whispering obscenities
When I see your face

You run far
You run so far

I always chase
Never expecting a face
You want when it's not right
You need when I'm gone, good night
When I see your face

The 'season' annoys me

While love is quite a masterful thing in it's own right, I have furthered my inability to try after having applied energy into someone who is yes one minute and no the next.

I'm sorry but since when should I be adapting to someone who isn't clear upon the notions of what they really want to follow in their life ahead?

I've taken strong pushes forward lately, both career wise and in terms of my life all around. I have big plans ahead for myself and if you can't accept that in life; you have to strive, I'm not so sure if I can understand you because I want a life, you clearly haven't built any ideas to gaze upon yet and that is at best, confusing.

I'm all for a cute picture every now and again but if you're posting 5 kissing pictures all over my feed constantly; I feel like you're bragging and bragging is never cute for anyone or from any thing. Let's be honest here, we all have our advances that make us who we are but some of us like simple, …

Tell me lies

A path will lead a light brighter than you