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The future came

And it brought a new leadership...

Guys Who Hate Valentine's Day

On dating a Vanderbilt

It's odd in a way to be able to note that I dated a Vanderbilt. People hear that name and think "wow, you dated royalty" or "damn, you really got a keeper didn't you?" and I only wonder, what did it all mean?

I saw you as the guy I met some years ago. The guy next door with an incredible personality, beautiful looks, and intelligence that even my school teachers would of been in awe of. You were more than just some clever name. You were a man I couldn't resist but to always think about.

See, your love, Mr. Vanderbilt, was a love I had never experienced in my life before I had met you. Our relationship was so surreal to me because I felt like I didn't deserve what you gave me. You were such a classy, elegant, and charming gentleman towards me. You felt no need for judgements or bad language and you always had the sweetest things to say, even when I wanted to be the bitchy one and turn it away.

I look back on how we met and wonder if it would of bee…