School time, goal time

It's never been a better time for me to start back with school and I decided to take a swift approach towards getting what I want to get rather than what I'm told I should get.

For $49 monthly for 29 months; I can study and take exams that will credit me a normal grade as if I were still in high school and all the while; shimmy my way towards getting my high school diploma. Rather than go back to a college here that really offers no tools or inspiration for me; I researched my online offerings and stumbled upon a nationally accredited school; Penn Foster.

So far, my graduation date appears to be on September 29, 2015 (which means in just a years time) to which I will have my trusty certificate that shows I have a brain and brain cells and then perhaps; I'll be able to look towards finding a better paying job or advance further in my productivity flow.

My last recorded grade was a 100 on my section 2 exam for my Human Relations class. I'm actually enjoying this school so far and so many of my friends have had success with it as well. I know that realistically I'm going to see some troubles later one when I get down to my Math classes but I'm excited to know that this school is well worth my money that I'm spending on it.

On top of my schooling, I've been going to the gym whenever I can to work on making my body more toned and healthier; while my results have been up and down lately considering my diet isn't very easy to maintain (living in a house full of fattening foods), I am still determined to make a change and a prominent positive engagement in my health. I want to feel better and hopefully at the end of the journey; I will start to look better as well.

One must always remain positive. The more determined and the more positive your outlook, the better chances you have to accomplish your goals and dreams on which you rely.

On another thought, we've been hit with a snow and ice storm which has shut down our city for almost 3 days now and I've had to call out of work for a day while yesterday I had to come home early because it was getting extremely dangerous in terms of driving conditions. The funny (or not so funny) thing about working for greedy corporations is the fact that they really don't care if you die or not. They just want their precious money and for you to give your all so they don't have to.

Pretty sad little world I must say; but with strength and determination; I know my plans for my future are going to become much better eventually. I'm driven to make a difference in my life. I will accomplish the goals I've set for myself and I will be much happier of a person for having done so. In the end, that's what it is really all about. The more drive you have, the better your life can become.


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