Problem solver (M&M)

You know, Threatening my life among my family and friends lives won't solve your problems you're having with your relationship. Those issues were there long before I became part of the picture again.

You want to get mad at me over a lie he told you and believe him over me (someone who won't lie to you) even though you've found proof that he was cheating on you with another guy and he's been known to cause problems with you and other friends in the past.

I'm sorry he doesn't treat you like you should be treated and I'm sorry that he doesn't know that you can be a good person but you're problems should of never been of my involvement because they are nothing to do with me nor do I really care to deal with someone else's problems like that. I have my own to worry about.

You've always done this since I first met you some years ago when I was still in high school. You like to fake a friendship for awhile and then when you're unhappy; you cause drama or start things to make you feel better because you can't handle seeing other people happier than you are.

You cause drama so you can feel important because you really have nothing going for you. You don't have a job and all you do is mope around all day wanting people to feel sorry for you and your situation. You're just like the other guy we all know.

You're not crazy either and even your closest friends have agreed with me on this one; you're just trying to get attention and you know what; you won't ever get it from me again :)

So go ahead darling, justify your idiocracy however you wish but keep me and my family out of it. Capiche?


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